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Doctorate Degree Programmes

Graduation Celebration

Doctor of Ministry in Pastoral Counseling

Doctor of Ministry in Pastoral Counseling degree is designed to help equip you to advance your ministry. This programme can help you gain practical, gospel-centered ministry skills. Our doctorate in pastoral counseling seeks to provide advanced training in Christian counseling and pastoral care. This training can help you incorporate biblical counseling practices into your ministry. 

If you want to be better equipped to minister to the spiritual and mental health of your congregation, our Doctor of Ministry in Pastoral Counseling degree can help provide you with the skills and knowledge you need.

Doctor of Theology

The Doctor of Theology at ACHETS Missionary University is an advanced degree programme designed to enhance the analytical, practical, and interpersonal skills of our students and provide them with superior ability for positions of leadership and ministry. Through the completion of relevant courses and thorough analysis of precedent literature and current issues and trends, students discern how to interpret and respond to contemporary theories and practices, and how to deploy their knowledge, understanding, and skills to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Doctor of Divinity

The Doctor of Divinity degree is to enhance understanding and improve the skills of the minister whether in the local congregation or another related field. This degree provides the opportunity to improve your ministry, to have an impact on the lives of others, and to develop the abilities and knowledge needed to influence our world. The programme provides advanced training in the fields of Christian theology and apologetics, equipping students to become leaders in academics and ministry and providing direct interaction with leaders in theology and apologetics while also offering practical opportunities to write and teach in the field. This degree will qualify the student to teach at the university or graduate level, while also providing insight and information useful to the minister.

Doctor of Religious Studies

The Doctor of Religious Studies at ACHETS Missionary University is designed to make an important contribution to both scholarship and research. The D.R.S. degree programme enables you to undertake a substantial piece of supervised research in the subject that makes an original contribution to knowledge and is worthy of publication. Doctor of Religious Studies trains students to become advanced practitioners, researchers, scholars, teachers, and facilitators of informed public discourse. 

Master Degree


3 years i.e eighteen calendar months



1. Visit our online payment portal to complete the AMU application payment form. Please note that you will need an ATM Card (Verve, Visa, MasterCard or E-Tranzact Card) to complete your payment

2. Complete the AMU application payment form with the necessary and accurate details. Please note that your name, a valid email address and GSM number will be required.

3. After completing the AMU application payment form, you will be redirected to the ACHETS MISSIONARY UNIVERSITY APPLICATION FORM where you are expected to fill and submit an online application.

4. After completing the online application form, you are expected to submit all required previous academic qualifications for your degree.

5. Further information will be communicated via the email address and phone number supplied when filling the online application form.

PLEASE NOTE: You are expected to submit the following documents
* Proof of payment
* Proof of graduation from secondary school or previous academic qualifications.
* Government issued ID 
* Letters of recommendation

Bank transfer instructions
If you don't have access to a credit or bank card, you can pay your application fee by transferring funds from the bank of your choice to ACHETS Missionary University. 

Payment method.

Bank or Mobile Transfer
Bank: FCMB
Name: Association for Christian Higher Education and Theological Schools
Branch: Ikorodu
No: 7343736013

Contact us for further instructions via or send a WhatsApp message on +2348022052244

''PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT APPLICATION if you are seeking qualifications or credentials from NYSC approved and regulated institutions by NUC.''

You are not officially enrolled until the appropriate fees are paid.

Now you’re ready to fill out an online application! Click the Apply Now link below to start your AMU experience today!

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