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Application Payment Page

To apply for admission to ACHETS Missionary University, follow the simple process to submit your information and pay the fee. After completing the AMU application payment form, you will be redirected to the ACHETS Missionary University Application Form where you are expected to fill and submit an online application. Once your application has been received, we will be in contact with you regarding admission and enrollment.

PLEASE NOTE: your name, a valid email address and phone number will be required.

ACHETS Missionary University is a private, nonprofit, tuition free online Christian missionary university training at multiple educational levels to equip the people of God for Christ's mission, in partnership with Biblical University. AMU is a ministry of ACHETS, accredited by Association for Christian Higher Education and Theological Schools - ACHETS Incorporated, and certified by ACACEMC.

Bank transfer instructions

If you don't have access to a credit or bank card, you can pay your application fee by transferring funds from the bank of your choice to ACHETS Missionary University. 

Payment Method

Bank or Mobile Transfer
Bank: FCMB
Name: Association for Christian Higher Education and Theological Schools
Branch: Ikorodu
No: 7343736013

Contact us for further instructions via or send a WhatsApp message on +2348022052244

Fees, Charges and Non refund policy

Students have no right to retrieve the already paid fees and other charges. ACHETS Missionary University reserves the right to change and implement new fees without prior notice. Fees and other charges are non-refundable.

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