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At The AES we strive to provide every child with excellent and wholesome education through a very comfortable, safe and stimulating environment. Every child has a right to feel safe and comfortable in and out of the school. Our school therefore, will strive to ensure that the children in our care are healthy, safe and enjoy emotional well-being.

* Teachers shall take every opportunity to educate children about the danger of fire and other hazards.
* Occasional fire drill shall be done to keep children alert and prepare them on how to manage fire incident (in case of any).
* Procedures for fire and other emergency evacuation are displayed in all offices and around the school.
* Fire Prevention equipment shall be inspected regularly.

* All visitors to the school shall sign the visitors’ book at the security post and do same when leaving.
* Visitors shall wear the identification badge while within the school premises.
* No visitor shall enter any classroom or office without the permission of the authority.
* If any visitor poses potential threat to the safety of children and staff, the security officials shall ensure that the individual leaves the school immediately.

* Rest rooms shall be kept absolutely clean at all times
* All children shall wear the school uniform when attending school and whenever they go on school trips to aid for easy identification.
* Children shall not wear jewellery to school.
* Curling hair is prohibited, colors must be natural, no attachments, or other extension. All of the above is considered a distraction to learning. Hairstyles must be appropriate which means no weird hairstyles. Extremely dirty or unhygienic hair can affect children. Teachers or school management is allowed to take action to discipline violators. The school is not just the unit to teach concepts from books only. It is a sub system of society which teaches us how to live in restrictive areas within the norms of the society.
* Children must be absolutely clean at all times.

* Teachers shall ensure that no child is subject to abuse of any kind.
* Risk assessments shall be carried out for all school activities and trips.
* Parents shall sign their children’s consent forms before they go for any trip.
* Certified first-aiders shall accompany the children during excursions.
* The required adult to pupil ratio shall be strictly observed during excursions.
* If a child has a medical issue or condition, parents must duly inform the school authority and hand the medication to the school matron who shall administer it at the appropriate time.
* Children shall surf the internet only under adult supervision.
* Parents shall formally consent to their children using the internet in school.
* Children are not allowed to use mobile phones within the school premises.

* The disciplinary committee shall investigate any incidents of theft involving children.
* If there are serious incidents of theft or other criminal acts in the school, the school will inform the police immediately.

* If a member of staff is experiencing undue stress at work, he/she shall inform the head teacher without delay.
* The school has zero-tolerance for violence, threatening behaviour or abuse directed against school staff. If such incidents do occur, the school will deal with it as seriously as possible, and in the interest of the staff involved.
* If there is a serious incident involving physical violence against a teacher, the school will take steps to support the teacher in question by informing the police if he/she wishes.

* The Head of Administration alongside the facility officers shall be responsible for health and safety matters.
* The Head of Administration shall keep the management informed of new regulations regarding health and safety, and to ensure that the school regularly reviews its procedures with regard to health and safety matters.
* The school management shall carry out regular risk assessments and health and safety surveys, with the objective of keeping the school environment safe.

These policies will be reviewed annually or whenever the need arises.

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